Livinglab is a research method and experimental/development environment and ecosystem. Livinglabs are places to overcome narrow scientific or engineering specialization and theoretical assumptions next to living ecosystems. For long-term processes as plant and animal communication, off-grid architecture and solar energy can extend scope and range of the research, reduce the travel to location and prolong the time in direct contact with nature by providing research infrastructure. Livinglab as natively multidisciplinary place brings also new methods, not possible by single research walks or in full-scale labs. Instead observation of subjects in artificial conditions there are characteristic features of co-creation, experiential learning, prototyping involving communities and inclusive social space. All actors – human, animal, plant, microbiome and researchers are on the same status level to resolve positive or negative impacts.

artistic research * ecosystem research * sound, performance and dance research * permacomputing research * sustainability research * forest gardening * citizen science

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How to get there

Location> Czechia (Barrandien / Cesky kras region)

Enter protected area for coordinates


5V (USB), 12V, 220V (2kW) electricity plugs. 220V is limited by battery capacity 1KWh
stereo apmlifier JBL 120W + repro 2x 70W
cooker, tableware, sink + rainwater tap, gardening tools, ladder, mattresses

Livinglab mindset

The place is for being part of nature and local ecosystems. You can inhabit the place with attention and care for surroundings and all living organisms. You are not owning it, it is not for you, your career or you being famous. It is owned by all species and livinglab is there to intermediate and extend the possible relations to more than human organisms, help to understand, explore and support the biodiversity. Inhabiting by enriching the place.

Livinglab is not suitable for events of mass collective dynamics, like popular music with tapped beer, big campfire, car parking etc. Please consider running larger events in more suitable place like Recommended maximum number of people is 8-12 depending on duration of stay. For larger audiences we can provide 3D VR livinglab and gallery space accessible online with live A/V streaming from the place.


Livinglab curator endorsed projects and residencies are free of payment. We believe the relation to nature is not something to pay for. Supporting livinglab research in general is possible through OpenCollective page:

Payments to artists for doing the research are not currently available. It is possible to formulate specific research projects in collaboration with livinglab curator to secure schedule, equipment and apply for financing elsewhere. To secure an artist grant programme, a collaboration with interested sresearchers on such support project would be needed. In case of interest, both can be discussed.

Contact email: appdm ( @ )

Most of the constructions are not designed for many people at the same spot – weight distribution is required. Children movement on treehouse structures can require assistance and is not recommended for inexperienced. Due to wildlife nature of the place sharp branches, thorns, ticks and other potentially dangerous affairs can be present. Handling of fire is not possible outside designated fireplace and has to be done carefully, never leaving open fire without attention.